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Nia Chailin is an international Pop-music artist from Helsinki, Finland. With an infectious pop sound and a flair for exotic styles and rhythms, Nia Chailin is following her dreams and re-igniting the Pop-music genre along the way!

Born in her native country of Finland, Nia Chailin was born into a legacy of music. Her parents were members of a world music group, and her grandfather was a classical opera singer. This gave Nia Chailin tremendous opportunities to study and learn music, and also gave her the encouragement to begin singing and composing her own music at an early age. Since composing her first ever song in 2004, Nia Chailin has had the incredible opportunity to perform and collaborate with a variety of artists. In 2004, she was featured on Finnish hip-hop artist Pikku G’s smash hit single, “Kylki Kyljessä”.With her many years of development as an artist, and with the help of her producer/husband Isham Jons, Nia Chailin has already created an impressive discography over the last few years. Nia Chailin ignited her career with the release of her single “Circles in The Sand” (2019), which debuted her signature sound of Arabian-inspired Pop-music.

Using smooth pop vocals overtop colorful rhythms and melodies, Nia Chailin’s creates an exotic feel that will have listeners ready to dance. Her latest singles “Eternal” (2021) and “Lights On” (2021) continue to build upon this unique sound, finding the perfect blend of familiar pop styles with a striking flair. Following the success of these releases, Nia Chailin released her debut album Victorious at the end of 2021, marking a huge milestone in her musical career.

Currently, Nia Chailin is working on completing her sophomore album, to be released in the near future. Much like many of the pop icons before her, Nia Chailin has shown that with every new piece of music she writes she will continue to grow and develop her unique sound. For Nia Chailin, this sound is an infectious, exotic, and rhythmic feel that has ignited a fire inside listeners and that brings soul back into the pop genre!

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